the film comment podcast: sundance 2019

I was a guest on four episodes of Film Comment’s Sundance 2019 podcast series


sundance dispatch: america

Parallel histories: Garrett Bradley’s remarkable short interrogates representations of early Black filmmakers

interview: jennifer kent

Love in dark times: The Nightingale director on bringing together distinct (but connected) narratives of gendered and racist violence

home movies: asiancrush

AsianCrush aims to be the “one-stop portal for Asian entertainment”—a lofty ambition that seems to necessitate a Netflix-esque emphasis on breadth over focus.

review: border

Sixth sense: an outsider learns to search within in Ali Abbasi’s emotionally grounded work of fantasy

demystifying bollywood

In this audio story, Devika Girish demystifies everything you need to know about India’s most popular film industry: its name, its history, and the “secret sauce” that makes it special.

nagraj manjule

Manjule is something of a modern-day pioneer, as a Dalit director making unabashedly caste-centric films that have acquired both critical and commercial acclaim.