the film comment podast: kleber mendonça filho & juliano dornelles

I joined FC Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold to chat with the directors of Bacurau about five key scenes from their thrilling class-warfare satire


brazil in a black mirror: how “bacurau” turns the western on its head

Directors Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles explain the eerie prescience of their genre-bending thriller in which the cowboys are the Indians and the Indians are the cowboys.

women making film at toronto 2019

Women of the world, take over: this year’s festival featured bracing, inspired films by up-and-coming women directors from all over the world

interview: rabah ameur-zaïmeche

Here, there, and everywhere: the director of Terminal Sud discusses the universal resonances of his elliptical French-Algerian thriller

review: monos

Although director Alejandro Landes’s script keeps context to an evocative minimum, the shadow of Colombia’s tentatively concluded civil conflict is unmistakable